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Five Must-Dos When Camping Out with Kids

Camping with kids can be an enjoyable family experience.  Some families prefer to camp in the fall when nights are cool and campsites are less crowded.  Follow these tips for a safe and fun camping with your tots.

Stay closer to home

When camping with young kids in tow, choose campsites that are not that far from home.  Kids, especially first-time campers may be fearful of sleeping in a tent, knowing its stark dark and quiet outside.  It’s good to have the option of going home to sleep and coming back the next morning for an outdoor breakfast in case your toddler remains inconsolable.

Choose kid-safe campsites

Again, kids are your primary concern but this doesn’t mean taking away the fun.  Just remember to choose sites where bathrooms are nearby.  It is very likely that one of them will want to use the bathroom during unholy hours of the day.  Always shun campsites close to streams, deep forests, and major roads.  Kids are always exploring and you wouldn’t want them to wander in these areas.  Always keep a close eye on them even if the site you’ve chosen is kid friendly.

Get a right-sized tent

What’s the right tent size?  It depends on how big your family is.  Two-room tents are fine for a family of four to six.  Make sure to bring one that is tall enough so you can comfortably walk into it and stay upright if you need too.  You and your family want to be comfortable too even while camping.  Why bother buying a small, cramped tent when you can buy one that is taller and wider.  Apart from having fun, you will want to take a rest too and get rejuvenated for the next day’s adventure. Also, a sturdy, bigger tent will cost your more at the onset but will cost less in the long term.

Pack your kids’ favorite meals

Cook food in advance, freeze them in sealable bags and throw them in your cooler.  Food can be any of your kids’ favorite stew or pasta.  Just make sure they are properly stored and frozen to avoid spoilage.  Don’t forget marshmallows and hot dogs for roasting during an evening campfire.  Mornings can be cold outside.  Do bring instant hot cocoa or oatmeal to counter the morning chill.

Prepare fun games

Camping is a good time to ignore gadgets for a while.  Prepare games that both kids and the young once will appreciate.  Family games enhance bonding between children and parents.  Playing outdoor games like the scavenger hunt, for instance, is both fun and educational.  Ask children to bring a small sack and give instructions to collect pine cones, colorful leaves, unusual stones, or shells.  Those who are short of the items can be asked to help prepare the marshmallows for roasting later on.

Camping is fun, especially for kids.  Follow these tips and your kids will surely want to come back, marshmallows and hot dogs in tow.

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