Five Must-Dos When Camping Out with Kids
November 3, 2016
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Doable but Awesome Camping Bucket List

There are buckets lists that stay forever on your list.  Here are doable yet awesome ones that you can do now instead of never.

Go star gazing

Look for a place far away from city lights.  This could be anywhere as long as it offers the best view of the night sky.  You don’t have to look far.  It may be a small campsite not far from home but if you enjoy taking long trips,  there are a lot of popular campsites offering awesome star-gazing experience.  Dark sky camping sites in Utah, Texas, and Pennsylvania are few of the  best places where you’ll find an expanse of clean and clear night skies.

Be sure to check the weather in advance before camping out.  It’s also best to stargaze when there isn’t a full moon.


Dip in nature’s pools

Nothing beats taking a dip in natural bodies of water like rivers and lakes.  The feeling is exhilarating.  Floating and swimming on a lake with nature as your backdrop can be energizing.  Look for campsites situated by the river or lake.  If you are a fan of hot springs, there are places in Alaska, Idaho, and Arkansas where you can find


See the sun rise and set

Watching the sun rise and eventually set can be inspiring.  Choose a place where the view is great such as on a low hill.  Looking at the sun while it starts to show itself amid a dark horizon could set a happy mood.  Sunsets are also great to gaze at because of its peaceful and calming effect.  This may sound very trivial but try to do this just once if you haven’t.  It’s a simple bucket list, but it’s going to be worth your while.


Be the kid you once were

Kids love the simple things and nature can offer you the simple but pleasurable experiences.  Have you tried catching fireflies and butterflies?  How about flying a kite?  These may be kid stuff but any adult who wishes to be carefree for a day or two will truly enjoy these activities.  Forget the time, act silly and be carefree.  These can do wonders for your total well being.  .

Go out, pitch your tent, and enjoy camping.   Grab your camping bucket list and make things happen.  It’s now or never!

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